A small selection of our cakes for children, please look on our face book page for more up to date pictures.

Taylor wonkyHarley TaraChloe Button
Flory flower BrookeEloiseNicole
Kelsie MaryLauraTeagan
RubyRaimondoLilly : Character cake
Marble blueEmmaPoochSophie
Sophie bagMillie mouse : Character book cakeAdam
LiamBlakeMarble pinkKuhu train
TeddyKelsie mouseBrooke doll : Computer game cake
Presely pirateAdam batMitchell shieldJack shirt
Millie faceRileyColin shirtAshley Princess
Patricia dogAndy airoplaneCory Ryan
Charlie bearThom faceTommy Mitchell Belt
pig AnayaAlfiespidey
lollypoppop out child modetiggeriffic
scoobPicture discMouseMonster
lion popMr Mouse Miss mousechild dr
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